Zeige deine Rechenkünste und erobere die Highscoretabellen
im kleinen 1 mal 1 und den Grundrechenarten

Nov 21
We started a new round. We are curious to see which country has the best players this time.

Feb 4
A player from Italy still has the overall highscore with close to 1 million points.

Dec 14
Spain took the lead with some great scores during the last days.

August 15
Still no one has scored more than 1 million points. Keep on playing to get the extra 25 points for your country.

August 6
There is a new highscore with 996 208 points from a user playing for Italy. The country that reaches 1,000,000 first will get additional 25 points.

August 6
Due to the great feedback we're starting another competition right now. So tell your friends and help out your country to win the 2nd Pinball Worlds Competition.

July 31
France won our first Pinball Worlds Competition. Congrats to all players in France. And thanks to everyone taking part.